The Wonders of Tableau — Why You Need to Be Using This Software Right Now

It is an ever-evolving world, and being able to adapt to a changing environment is crucial for anyone’s career path. In the modern age, data powers everything we do, from our policymaking to our marketing campaigns. But, according to Payscale, ‘36% of hiring managers feel that new grads lack data analysis skills’. This talent gap means that it is even more difficult for new graduates to measure up to the ironically enough, data-processed criteria that more and more organizations rely on these days.

Enter Tableau, one of the most sought-after skill sets in the job market today and for good reason. Tableau’s main purpose is to make data easily understandable for everyone and does not require hard coding skills in order to excel at using the software.

Jennifer Clark, solutions consultant at Tableau spoke about why Tableau is so successfu at simplifying data in her recent live-stream discussion on DotsLive. “Humans are not robots,” she says, “We are not programmed to read things in rows of data”. This is why having the ability to visualize data automatically makes the information more digestible and we can even process it up to 60,000 times faster than a standard data table or spreadsheet.

It may be intimidating to learn an entirely new skill-set, but Tableau has all the bases covered by providing multiple resources for beginners all the way up to advanced learners and some services are completely free for students. Like the ‘Makeover Monday’ sessions that post challenges to the Tableau community in order to push them to strengthen their skills or the hundreds of local ‘Tableau User Groups’ that can be found in almost every major city. Students can even directly contact the ‘Tableau Zenmasters’ who provide pointers and helpful advice and actively want to see the Tableau community grow stronger.

Over the course of her DotsLive stream, Clark gives a live demonstration of how to start designing your very own interactive resume and showcases how easy and intuitive the software really is. The DotsLive community asked many interesting questions, including if Tableau was ATS compatible, the challenges for adoption of Tableau, and how to utilize its features to maximize interest from potential recruiters.

This is only a fraction of the valuable information that can be found inside this FREE and INTERACTIVE demo only on DotsLive, so do not miss out on the recap of this truly informative discussion!

Data may be here to stay, but it does not have to be an impediment to your success, it should only be considered a stepping stone.