The Iceberg of Diversity: What is Visible is Not Enough

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This brand new DotsLive series will have you questioning if your organization is doing enough.

Imagine you are inviting a guest over at your house, there are quite a few things you are expected to do in this social context. It is usually customary to offer your guest some food and water, but even this has its own level of expectations. You would want to procure them something they enjoy, the quality level should also be of a particular standard, and you would also have to be aware of any allergies they may possess. In this one scenario, a great amount of time and effort is spent to make your guests feel welcome, for it not only reflects well on you and your household, but it builds stronger relationships with your guests and increases their willingness to stay at your house. Striving for welcoming and open environments should be a main priority for any organization wanting to build effective teams of diverse people, however, it has been found that most organizations do not allocate enough resources into their so-called ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ initiatives, therefore the guests, never really feel welcome.

PhD candidate and diversity researcher Prachi Thakur utilizes this metaphor in her recent DotsLive stream to emphasize why diversity and inclusion cannot be considered as separate and must be implemented together. She says diversity is like inviting a guest to your house, while inclusion is about how well you treat them while they are there. Unfortunately, she finds there is often a disconnect between the two as organizations merely make an effort to hire more minorities, but not adapting their company to better accommodate their particular needs.

Throughout her discussion, she explains the different focuses of her research, emphasizing the importance of career success for minorities and not just in terms of how it impacts society positively, but also the self-worth and validation of minorities as well. Thakur also looks at the effectiveness of several diversity and inclusion training tools, and the types of practices that organizations should have in place if they want their overall employee retention to increase.

With this introduction to her brand new series “The Iceberg of Diversity”, Thakur gives a great overview of the future challenges she would like to tackle and incentivized many thought-provoking discussions from her viewers during the stream.

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Thakur goes in-depth into a few of the most popular initiatives and their effectiveness.

Thakur truly believes that the common issues of diversity organizations are trying to address is only the tip of the iceberg, and real change can only occur when you are able to see the actual depth problem in its entirety.

To watch a replay of this FREE and INTERACTIVE first part in the “Iceberg of Diversity” series, you can watch it here only on DotsLive:

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