Talking Analytics: Intro to IBM Watson Studio with Jonathan Messiha Overview

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In the information age, we know data is everything. However, not everyone is a certified data scientist with a Master’s degree in machine learning and analytics. Fortunately, there are many tools available right now that simplify this process with the usage of artificial intelligence and easy-to-use interfaces; IBM’s Watson Studio being the most user-friendly and easy to understand out of all of them.

Jonathan Messiha, Data Scientist at IBM’s Machine Learning Hub gave an informative and simplified tutorial on DotsLive walking students through the entire program’s many features, using a scenario perhaps familiar to many in the HR sector:

You are an HR Analyst and you realize you are losing a significant amount of money due to employee churn. We want to utilize data and AI capabilities to try and minimize employees leaving. We have standard HR data about our employees, additionally, over the last few years we have been conducting surveys about employee well-being at the company.”

Messiha breaks the problem down into data that could be processed and turned into a usable output, providing students with exercise files that they can import into their own project as they follow along with his example.

This tutorial showcases Watson’s “Feature” function, which allows you to input data such as attrition, age, department, education, field-of-study, gender, work-life balance, and more; finding commonalities within the data that can help organizations pinpoint exactly where they need to focus their efforts. Watson Studio also creates visualizations of said data that can be easily interpreted and understood.

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Messiha showing off one of Watson’s many functions on DotsLive

Messiha demonstrates how to efficiently clean the data, filter out duplicates, and remove unuseful features that can hinder the results and their overall applicability. From here on out, machine learning generates those outputs using updated data sets that can then be turned into an impressive modeler flow. If any of those terms bring puzzlement or confusion, then fortunately you can still watch the archived replay on DotsLive of Messiha’s entire demonstration.

In this very informative, free, and interactive tutorial you will learn how to:

Business big and small can take advantage of the power of machine learning to further refine and improve their daily operations, all it takes is a willingness to learn. Judging by the curious questions given by the community during Messiha’s presentation, that willingness is only growing exponentially, and for the better.

So jump on the Watson Studio train now before you get left behind in this data-driven world! And the best place to start can be found in Messiha’s FREE and in-depth tutorial, exclusive to DotsLive:

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