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Three guys who could not afford rent in San Francisco, a few used air mattresses, and a dream.

This is the origin story of one of the biggest companies in the world at a valuation of over $10 billion dollars. Airbnb completely disrupted the market with and has changed the culture to the point where the name itself describes the activity.

“Let’s Airbnb it”, or “Let’s get an Airbnb” are two phrases that have essentially entered the lexicon as replacements for what used to be, “Let’s rent a room”. …

There are quite a few misconceptions about crowdfunding that may make investors a bit hesitant to enter this world that seemingly exists outside the funding spectrum most are used to. Perhaps you have heard stories like the infamous Kobe Beef Jerky scam that raised over $120k and almost succeeded in pulling a fast one on its 3300 backers, or you are peripherally aware of several projects that failed to get delivered over the years due to limitations and other unforeseen circumstances. …

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It is no secret that sharing news on social media has become “one of the most important developments in the contemporary media environment”. This was stated in a PEW research paper from almost a decade ago, and since then, our sharing capacity has only increased exponentially with the dawn of newer social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram.

But the problem can occur when misinformation is spread on a mass scale, and the speed and quantity of that information can lead to many dangerous situations. …


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